I wasn’t feeling too well lately. I felt paralyzed. I wasn’t very active writing blogs or posting on social media. Fortunately, there was my iPad to keep me entertained during the day. I consulted the doctor, because my situation didn’t improve. The doctors were not sure about the cause of my illness. They gave me a prescription anyway. I have to be honest here, mentally I felt better because of the attention and recognition of the doctors. The downside of this, I suffer from the side effects of the medication I take and my medical condition hasn’t improved.

So what now? Stop the medication, should I go and see the doctor again? I wasn’t sure what to do, or maybe I didn’t want to know? After a deep inner talk, I found the root cause . Yes I do have some medical issues but that’s not what’s troubling me. I mainly suffer from something else. It’s a virus, which has the ability to paralyze me mentally. It’s called “ I have to be perfect virus” . The symptom? I show procrastination. I stopped writing posts because they were not perfect. I lacked inspiration. I was telling myself I had nothing worthwhile to write about . The voice in my head kept repeating: you are not good enough, you are not good enough, you are not good enough. Truth is, it It feels so uncomfortable to do the right thing poorly, I unconsciously made the decision not to do it at all. It’s a way to sabotage my own success. Consciously I have the false conviction I need more information to do the right thing perfectly. And that’s how I spend my days the last few weeks: reading books, following courses, surfing the internet. All to serve my false belief I can’t take action until the conditions to get started are perfect.

Procrastination has nothing to do with laziness, it’s a common trait among high-achievers. 4 tips how to beat perfectionism-based procrastination?

1. Get into action, don’t wait for conditions to be perfect to get started.

2. Give yourself the permission to make mistakes and learn from them. You have to do the right thing poorly before you can do the right thing well.

3. Change your habits. Start your days doing the most important things first.

4. Reward yourself. This morning I woke up with the intention to write this article first. It was quite a struggle to get started and to fight my habit not to check all my social media accounts first. And how did I reward myself? I give myself a pat on the back and hope to I inspire someone who reads this to take action and stop procrastinating.